Jamestown (CSi)  Tourism Director Searle Swedlund on the Tues Wayne Byers Show CSi Cable 2  gave a time line of over the past two weeks, of events, meetings, and decisions concerning the turn of events that led to the Frontier Village Association to vote to turn over the Village to the City of Jamestown.

Video from The Wayne Byers Show Tues Nov 5


Replays of the show on CSi Cable 2 on Tuesday Nov 5 at 12-noon, 5-p.m. 6:25-p.m., and 10-p.m.

He pointed out that city officials will be dealing with the legalities of assuming ownership, including addressing the legal action brought against the city by the FVA attorney, Matt Sorensen, a complaint filed, requesting Southeast District Court issuing a temporary restraining order, prohibiting the City of Jamestown from interfering with the transfer of items from the Village to Perham, Minnesota’s Pioneer Village.  Sorensen has said the FVA intended to resolve the issue out of court.

The request for a restraining order can be withdrawn or dismissed if the FVA reaches an agreement with the city, out of court.

At the November 1, 2019 Special Meeting of the Frontier Village Association, the board voted to turn over the assets, and debts of the association to the city.

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