Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors has revived the Local & Regional Chamber Committee, becoming active in 2020.

The committee is the advocacy arm of the Chamber and will support Chamber businesses  through legislative processes and education.  The membership is encouraged to participate in the legislative process and local elections through voter education and legislative forums.

The Chambers website has the Policy Support Form, for those with topics they would like to have the Chamber support, or oppose.  The committee will discuss the topic.

The advocacy  efforts include regulatory and tax issues, economic  development, education, infrastructure, quality of life, tourism, and recreational opportunities, agriculture and community image.

The committee will meet the first Wednesday of each month, at the Chamber’s lower level conference room, from 4-p.m., to 5-p.m.

To kick-start the committee, the Board of Directors invites those interested to the Business After Hours  on Tuesday November 26, from 4:30-p.m., to 6-p.m., to learn about the Local and Regional Committee and how it can support businesses.