Jamestown  (CSi)  Jamestown Mayor Dwaine Heinrich says, Jamestown native, developer Brian Lunde has contacted a national firm in sponsoring a project to revitalize Frontier Village in Jamestown.

On Monday’s Wayne Byers Show on CSi Cable 2, Mayor Heinrich pointed out that Lunde’s plan calls for no city dollars to be infused, as the developer will work with other entities in the community, such as Jamestown Tourism and City officials. The Mayor added that this proposal will parallel others in the Jamestown community that come forward and step up to assist.

He added that plans are to make Frontier Village a more interactive site, as envisioned by the founders in the 1960’s, rather than the static attraction it has been, since the Village came on scene in the 1960’s.

Jamestown Tourism Director, Searle Swedlund has said that Frontier Village need to be a unique visitor experience.

Mayor Heinrich said, to his knowledge there are no plans to close Frontier Village this coming summer for a year, while plans move forward on the development.

On another topic the Mayor said was the legal action being brought against the city by the Frontier Village attorney has been dropped.  (Previously, a law suit filed in Southeast District Court, by the Frontier Village Association against the City of Jamestown, with a temporary restraining order has been dismissed, following a stipulation of dismissal filed.  The restraining order prohibited the City of Jamestown from interfering in the Transfer of items at Frontier Village to the Perham, Minnesota, Pioneer Village.)

Mayor Heinrich  added that legal issues have been resolved, and Frontier Village was deeded to the city, including the monetary assets.

Yet to be resolved is management and maintenance issues.  Also to be determined ownership artifacts at the Village, and what was loaned or given, which is being researched, for documentation, or cataloging of the items.

The Frontier Village Association voted November 1 on a 3-1 vote with one abstention to transfer all property and debt to the city of Jamestown.

More background information from the CSiNewsNow.com archives.