Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown Tourism Grant/Executive Board met Thursday at the CSi Technology Center, at Historic Franklin School.

Those present included, Board Members, President Matthew Woods, Taylor Barnes, Tena Lawrence, Frank Balak, and Paulette Ritter.

Tourism Executive Director Searle Swedlund.


At the Grant Board Meeting items considered for funding included:

Staffing for:

The National Buffalo Museum

Fort Seward

The Stutsman County Museum

Frontier Village

All requests were granted at $11 per hour, across the board, for a total tourism expenditure of  $45,528 for 2020.

Also a request for funding was from:

Frontier Village Horse Rides regarding advertising. The Committee tabled the request pending additional information from Karen George, who now owns the horses.  The stage coach is still owned by the City of Jamestown. Searle Swedlund said he will look into advertising costs and sources and bring the information back to the committee.  He estimates the advertising costs may be in area of $8,000.

The James River Figure Skating Club for advertising funding for $1,000 for advertising for the three day Ice Show, with performances Friday through Sunday, March 20-22, 2020, at John L. Wilson Arena in Jamestown.  Lynn Lambrecht said, the full show will feature skaters, from three years old to 18 years old.

Other funding sources, include, $2,000 in ticket sales, Program Advertising $2,500, Family Registrations $1,750.

A total of 741 visitors are expected, with an economic impact of $62,050.

The total advertising budget is $1,080.

The request died for a lack of a second and was denied, as the event offers no new experiences, and generates mostly local people.

North Dakota Youth Archery Tournament for  Advertising/Sponsorship requested $3,000.

Myron Gunderson  said Best of the West, National Archery and Schools Program (NASP) Archery Tournament is planned for April 18 & 19, at the Jamestown Civic Center, with about 400 archers participating from regional states. 350 addition people including family are also expected in Jamestown.

Other funding comes from sponsor ads, at $3,000, apparel sales of $6,000, entry fees, $4,000, admission

sales $2,500.  The total income is expected to be about $18,500.

The economic impact is estimated at $31,875.

The Grant Board approved allocating the full request of $3,000.

At the Executive Board Meeting

No Conflict of Interest was declared.

The Financial Report was given and accepted and approved from Taylor Barnes.

Tourism Report was given by  Searle Swedlund, who gave an update on Tourism’s management of Frontier Village.

Under New Business:

A Report was given on the Credit Card Cash Back, indicating points accrued amounts to $15,969.

Searle reported on the Stutsman County Mill Levy Expenditures for Tourism Entities.  He said the entities funded will report how the dollars were spent.

Searle gave a report that generated discussion on Event Grant Guidelines.  He suggested that future guidelines may be based on Tourism in the City of Dickinson, regarding annual commitments, and budgeting events.