Bismarck  (CSi)  Governor Doug Burgum held his daily News Briefing, Wednesday in Bismarck concerning COVID-19 updates.  News Briefing starts at about 11 minutes in program…

ND Dept of Health Joint Information Center press briefing with Governor Doug Burgum 3/25/20

ND Dept of Health Joint Information Center press briefing with Governor Doug Burgum 3/25/20

Posted by North Dakota Department of Health on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

He began with updates from the State Health Department with the  coronavirus numbers in North Dakota.

WEDNESDAY P.M. POSITIVE TEST RESULTS | March 25 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • Man in his 50s from Cass County, under investigation
  • Man in his 50s from Cass County, possible travel
  • Woman in her 50s from Cass County, under investigation
  • Woman in her 70s from Ramsey County, community spread
  • Woman in her 30s from Stark County, community spread
  • Woman in her 60s from Stark County, community spread

Categories: Travel, Possible Travel, Community Spread, Close Contact, Under Investigation


1955 – Total Tested (+353 individuals from yesterday)

1910 – Negative (+344 individuals from yesterday)

45 – Positive (+9 individuals new from yesterday)

8 – Hospitalized (+1 individual new from yesterday)

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Burgum urges North Dakotans not to become complacent on the spread of COVID-19, as witnessed by a large number of U.S. cases, and worldwide positives.  Many tests are still out,

A testing task force has been established in North Dakota.

Burgum has signed an Executive Order, enabling Workers Compensation coverage for First Responders, and healthcare workers who contract COVID-19 while on the job, a total of about 79,000 workers.

Wednesday’s executive order also provides up to 14 days of medical and wage replacement benefits if first responders and health care providers are quarantined. No benefits will be paid after the quarantine period has ended unless the employee tests positive for COVID-19. If the virus is contracted on the job, the employee becomes eligible for full workers’ compensation benefits just like any other compensable work injury claim.

Coverage is available beginning March 13, 2020, the date that Burgum declared a state of emergency in North Dakota for the COVID-19 public health crisis.

To apply for benefits, workers can visit the WSI website at

Burgum has been in contact with governors in South Dakota, Minnesota, along with and Manitoba.

The supply of masks and other protective equipment is being supplemented by a labor halls donations being solicited in North Dakota, this weekend, in Fargo, and Bismarck.

In the last week  11,700 unemployment claims have been filed in North Dakota.  The majority of the new claims are coming from the hospitality industry.

With the Medicaid Waiver, The North Dakota Department of Human Services will hold a second webinar on March 27, from 1 to 2 p.m. Central Time, to provide updated information and answer Medicaid-related questions pertaining to Medicaid services and COVID-19. North Dakota Medicaid providers, advocacy organizations and other stakeholders are invited to participate.

The meeting will be available through Skype video conference at Attendees can join from any computer or mobile device. The meeting will be recorded and available for later viewing on the department’s website at

With store supplies, stores can become short on supplies if consumers buy items past the needs at their homes.

On sheltering in place, Burgum said sheltering in place in North Dakota is not being considered at this time, but reduced contact continues to be the goal of spreading the virus.  The current approach will be considered on a case by case basis.  Minnesota has ordered a shelter in place with the goal of keeping 80 percent of their population’s physical distance away from each other.

Burgum said there is an existing North Dakota law that penalizes individuals who violate a quarantine order, when it is issued, and at this time there is one outstanding warrant against an individual.

He said businesses closing or reduction of hours remains important on slowing the spread of the virus, while significantly impacting state and local economies, Burgum said the U.S. economic aid package that has been approved by congress should help offset the economic downturn.

He pointed out the North Dakota Industrial Commission meeting was held, Tuesday with in person individuals observing physical distancing, while others were attended by teleconference or on Skype.


Other notes…

Burgum has been in daily contact with lawmakers about the coronavirus and hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a special session.   The governor’s office continues to evaluate the COVID-19 pandemic on an “hour-by-hour” basis, and is evaluating  the impacts of the oil price crash.


The North Dakota Capitol building in Bismarck will light up Wednesday night as part of the #aworldofhearts Facebook campaign that has developed a worldwide following in the five days since its launch in Bismarck.

Bismarck home childcare provider Mandy Gill created the campaign as a way of bringing people together for support during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis. It started with eight members on Friday and has grown to more than 220,000 members and 5,000 posts.

The south side of the Capitol will light up at sunset Wednesday night in the shape of a heart and remain lit until sunrise on Monday, March 30.