Jamestown  (CSi)   The Jamestown City Council met in Special Session Thursday at 5-p.m., Council Member Buchanan attended by phone.

The Council approved a Finance and Legal Committee recommendation, a temporary moratorium  on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages.

The action clears the way allowing alcohol sales with prepared  food from on sale restaurants.

The moratorium ends on May 4 unless extended by the Jamestown City Council.

A restaurant that has a valid alcohol license is able to  sell sealed bottles or cans of alcoholic beverages with meals it is delivering or providing for people to take home.

The moratorium requires delivery to be done by an “agent or employee” of the restaurant or package store. The employee and establishment would still be responsible for verifying the age of the person purchasing the items.

The City Council then approved the plans and specifications and to authorize the advertisement for bids for 2020 Seal Coat, Patching, Construction and Reconstruction District No. 20-41, the seven year rotational project this year

Council Member Phillips reminded residents to participate in the 2020 census sooner than later, by mail or phone.

Mayor Heinrich thanked citizens for conforming with changes and restrictions and social distancing with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  He urges all residents to continue, which will help slow the spread of the virus.

The meeting was shown live on CSi 67, followed by replays.