Bismarck  (CSi)  Governor Doug Burgum held his Tuesday News Briefing in Bismarck with updates and news on the state’s coronavirus fight. He began with updates on the latest COVID-19  case numbers from the State Health Department, as of 3-p.m., Tuesday. Scroll forward in video, comments start at 15 in . . .

He said 17 new positives were recorded since Monday, bringing the total to 126 positive results at 3-p.m., Tuesday.  384 tests were given since Monday.  He said not everybody that has COVID-19 has yet been found, with the data lagging with results.

He stressed the basics of washing hands, and social distancing,  and stay home if you are sick.

From NDDoH:

COVID-19 Positive Test Results for March 31, 2020 

P.M. POSITIVE TEST RESULTS | March 31 at 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • Man in his 40s from McKenzie County, under investigation
  • Man in his 50s from Burleigh County, under investigation
  • Woman in her 20s from Stark County, close contact
  • Man in his 30s from Williams County, under investigation
  • Male age 10-19 from Grand Forks County, community spread

Categories: Travel, Possible Travel, Community Spread, Close Contact, Under Investigation


4257 – Total Tested (+348 individuals from yesterday)

4131 – Negative (+331 individuals from yesterday)

126 – Positive (+17 individuals from yesterday)

21 – Hospitalized (+2 individuals from yesterday)

30 – Recovered (+10 individual from yesterday)

3 – Death (+0 individuals from yesterday)

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Burgum was on a conference call Tuesday with critical care hospital officials which included accommodating additional bed space at various new locations, if it becomes necessary.

The call included The National Guard and FEMA, in the planning.

With the Workforce Coordination Center he said volunteers are needed in a range of services with those with previous experience, some paid positions.  He said the National Guard is also seeking recruits.

With hand sanitizer, Burgum said some North Dakota vendors are making sanitizer to be distributed to health care facilities, and then the public.

The public schools, Burgum said on April 1, public school were required to have their virtual classrooms on line, and 98 percent of the state’s students will be on line, with approved programs. Other schools will need to still be approved.

School will still be closed until further notice.

With working at home, he said, internet capacity is being met and there is not a danger of the internet crashing with the additional use.