Jamestown (CSi) –  Meet Your Candidates the award winning local political cablecasting series – produced by CSi TV since 1975 –  replays on CSi TV 10 thru 8am Monday June 8,  and is available below via the CSiLiveStream.  The election in June will be by MAIL only.   MAIL BALLOTS BY noon SAT June 6.   Stutsman County voting guidelines and FAQs. 

Candidates for Jamestown Public School Board Video

Watch replay of Meet Your Candidates on CSi TV 10.

Candidates for Jamestown City Council Video 

The virtual forums were moderated by the Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce, and aired live on CSi TV 10 -The Replay Channel & CSi 67.   View them here at CSiNewsNOW.com or go to the CSi LiveStream Videos at Facebook.