The City of Jamestown and the ND Dept of Transportation announced a 90 day  “test evaluation”  as they turn off five traffic signals on 1st Av starting Monday, June 1.  Video explaining Road Diet below.

Motorists are warned that other than 3rd St S (Library corner),  the north & south traffic will not be stopping for cross traffic or pedestrians as normal.   Use extra caution.

The 5 traffic signals on 1st Avenue were identified for removal as part of a proposed “Road Diet”  project on US Highway 52 which is to narrow 1st Ave and parts of 5th St NW,  to 1 lane north and 1 lane south, with a center turn lane.

“Stop” signs will be posted on the east-west street.   Additional “No Parking” signs will be installed for sight distance requirements as some corners have restricted views of oncoming traffic.   The signals will be covered or bagged or set to flashing for 90 days, during which time the intersections will be evaluated.

After the 90-day evaluation period, the data will be analyzed and then the signals will be removed with the project unless the data contradicts that removal.

The traffic signals identified are:

  • 1st Ave S and 5th St S (5th St S will become the stopped approach)  – Ambulance – Verizon
  • 1st Ave S and 2nd St S (2nd St S will become the stopped approach) – Arts Park-US Bank
  • 1st Ave S and 1st St S (1st St S will become the stopped approach) – Sabir’s Buffalo Grill – Babb’s
  • 1st Ave N and 3rd St N (3rd St N will become the stopped approach) – Press Room- Gladstone
  • 1st Ave N and 4th St N (4th St N will become the stopped approach) – Salvation Army

CSiNewsNow Note:   Motorists are urged to use extreme caution as there will not be any pedestrian signals at these 5 locations during the evaluation time period.  Photo is on 2nd St SW looking towards Jerry’s Furniture/US Bank.   Sign is photo-shopped for illustration purpose only.


Video as aired on CSi TV 10 – The Replay Channel