Valley City    (NDD0H)  The North Dakota Department of Heath reported on Thursday, one additional confirmed case of COVID-19 in Barnes County.

The person is a female in her late teens, a close contact to a case.  She is currently self-isolating.  The county has total of six confirmed positive cases  with two active.

Valley City  (CSi)  The Valley City Barnes County COVID-19 News Briefing was held Weds June 3.   The meeting aired live on CSi 68 & 10 with replays.  View it here at CSiNewsNOW.com or go to the CSi LiveStream at Facebook.

Officials from City-County Health District, City Hall and Barnes County Government gave presentations.

Each organization  provided updates and information pertaining to recent developments in the COVID-19 community response.

Speakers included:

City-County Health District Administrator, Theresa Will, who said, as of Wednesday 1300 individuals have been tested for the COVID-19 virus. There have been five positives, with one active case.  Tests were performed Wednesday at the Open Door Center, and planned for Thursday, at CHI Mercy Hospital.  She reminded that those in the high risk category should avoid a lot of contact with the public, when possible.

She would like input from the community on whether to schedule a community testing event.

She reminded parents to schedule inoculations for children.

Barnes County Commissioner Bill Carblom said, The Barnes County Courthouse is planned to reopen to the public on Monday June 15, 2020.  Social distancing will be observed at all times.

He reminded residents to turn in their vote by mail ballots, postmarked no later than Monday June 8, or drop the completed ballot at the drop box.

He added that travel restrictions have been lifted on Barnes County paved roads, but remain on gravel roads, as work continues on improving them

He also reminded resident to fill out and return 2020 Census forms.

Valley City Mayor, Dave Carlsrud said, the Barnes County positive COVID-19 rate remains relatively low, and thanks the community, for being safe,  and urges everybody to continue to observe social distancing.

In regard to protests regarding the death of George Floyd, he said violent demonstrations “Won’t bring him (Floyd) back.”

He pointed out that this Sunday June 7, at 11-a.m. there will be a Black Lives Matter, Peaceful Rally at City Park in Valley City.  City police have given approval of the event.

Mayor Carlsrud said he attended, Tuesday’s funeral of Grand Forks Police Officer, Cody Holte, in Grand Forks.