Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown City Council’s Final Meeting of the current City Council was held Tuesday at City Hall.  All members were present.


(Individuals may address the City Council about any item not

contained on the agenda. A maximum of 15 minutes is allotted for the hearing. If the full 15 minutes are not needed, the City Council will continue with the agenda. The City Council will take no official action on items discussed at the hearing, with the exception of referral to staff or Committee.)


A Resolution approving renewing the Jamestown Tourism Enterprise Agreement, which expires December 31, 2020.


A Resolution approving the renewing the Jamestown Tourism land lease, which expires December 31, 2020.


A Resolution approving and authorizing termination of the contract with Honeywell International Inc., at the Jamestown Civic Center.


A Resolution approving the 2021 contract for the Jamestown Community Correction (JCC) Program.


A Resolution updating fees for abandoned and impounded vehicles.



Considered the quotes for the removal of sandbag levees at three (3) locations.

Schrebenske’s bid was $53,900.

Strata’s bid was $112,836.

The Council approved accepting the bid of $53,900. The information will be forwarded to FEMA for reimbursement.

Certified those elected by a majority vote at the 2020 State Primary/City Election:


Term Expires Votes

Council Member

Brian Kamlitz June 2024 2,407

Dan Buchanan June 2024 1,997

David Schloegel June 2024 1,987

Pam Phillips June 2024 1,764


City Park Commissioners

Mark A. Ukestad June 2024 2,525

Ron Olson June 2024 2,254

Certified City Measure Number One:  “Shall the minutes of its governing body be published in its official  newspaper,” passed by a vote of 2913 yes votes, 328 no votes.

Considered was the request to allow chickens to be kept within City Limits at 603 21st Ave NE.   A resident spoke who said a permit request was submitted to keep four chickens, no roosters in their backyard.

Jamestown City Building Administrator, Tom Blackmore outlined the current Ordinance, saying the request is in compliance, and that the chickens must be kept in a coop in with a certain distance of adjoining property,  and not causing a noise disturbance.

The Council voted to allow.



Council Member Brubakken thanked voters for electing him for two terms, and wished the new council members well on the City Council.

Council Member Pam Phillips distributed a booklet that contains services provided by Central Valley Health Unit.  She said she will remain on the local 2020 Census Committee.  Jamestown and Valley City’s response rate challenge will be featured in national publication, noting Stutsman County’s and Barnes County and Jamestown and Valley City’s response rate is far above state and national rates.  The deadline to submit census information is October 31, 2020.

Council Member Steele thanked Phillips and Brubakken for their service on the City Council.

Mayor Heinrich said he will respond to a publication’s request for comments on the census rate.

He added that Council Members Brubakken and Phillips served the council and the city well.


Approved changing the stop loss coverage from $20,000 to $30,000 per member and establish the monthly premium rates for the City of Jamestown Employee Group Health Plan for the fiscal year September 1, 2020 through August 31, 2021, as follows:


City Share Employee Share Total

Single Employee Plan $694.72 -0- $694.72

Single Plus Dependent $900.50 $322.20 $1,222.70

Family Plan $1,103.14 $703.12 $1,806.26

Mayor Heinrich presented Council Member Pam Phillips and Council Member Brubakken plaques in recognition  of their service on the City Council.

The Meeting was shown live on CSi Cable 67, followed by replays.