Valley City  (CSi)  City/County Health in Valley City announces that a mass COVID-19 testing will be held on July 8   at the North Dakota Winter Show location.

The testing is set from 2-p.m. to 6-p.m. with a drive through event including the south exhibit hall, and the parking lot area will be utilized.

The testing process takes approximately 15 minutes (wait time in line may be longer). Testing will be conducted by using an oral swab of the throat.

There is no cost for the test and health insurance is not processed.

Those participants testing positive will be notified by phone within 24-72 hours. Efforts will be made to contact those with a negative result within 3-5 days.

The goal is to test 500 people for the virus.

The North Dakota National Guard will be assisting, in cooperation with  CHI Mercy Health, and CCHD staff.  Participants will not be asked to provide proof of residency.

Prior to the testing, those who wish to participate are strongly encouraged to fill out the online screening form at