Jamestown  (NDSU Ext. Service)  The Stutsman County 4-H held its Project Expo and Communication Arts contests at the Stutsman County Fairgrounds Sunday June 28th.

Robin Barnes says,  “These contests are very helpful for the kids to learn how to present ideas and talk to and in front of people.  The project expo contest has three age groups – Cloverbuds, who are ages 5-7 and are not judged, but get to set up and talk to the judge just as if they were competing.  They will get ideas and suggestions on what they did great and what they can improve on for next year.”

Then the Pre-teen, ages 8-12, and the Teen, ages 13-18.  Normally, anyone who competes at our county contest in Teen and Preteen, are eligible to compete at the state contest.  This year there will be no state contest. But ribbons and cash awards are given to the grand and reserve champions and participation ribbons and a t-shirt to our Cloverbuds.

Our Cloverbud participants were Oliver Hofmann and Adelle Westerhausen.  The preteen grand champion was Conner Smith, reserve was Madison Hofmann, and the participants were Kylee Hofmann, Destiny Opp, Annabelle Rittenbach, Elizabeth Rittenbach and Chloe Smith.  Our teen grand champion was Noah Weber, Reserve was Seth Weber and also participating was Anastasia Weber.

The communication arts contest has 8 different divisions with 2 age groups – Junior (ages 8 to 6th grade) and Senior (grade 7 to 12), and a Cloverbud division to get those youngsters started.  A grand and reserve ribbon and cash award are given to the junior and the senior winners in each of their divisions.

Normally, the grand and reserves are eligible to compete at the District contest where the grand from there was eligible for the state contest.  This year, the district contest was open to all and was held earlier via video submission.  They are going to have a state contest via  zoom where 4 of our members are eligible to participate.

For our county contest, we also award an embroidered high point jacket to the high point senior and a vest to the high point junior.  These are based on the total points from each of their entry evaluations.  I3G Media again sponsored these high point awards for us.

Our Cloverbud Participants, who received a ribbon and a t-shirt were:  Oliver Hofmann, Rhian Lueck, Trinity Opp, Clara Rittenbach, Colton Smith and Adelle Westerhausen.  Kylee Hofmann was grand in junior Fishtank, Electronic Presentation and Speech/Impromptu.  Destiny Opp was grand in junior Drama and also did an Illustrated Talk.  Conner Smith was grand in junior Mass Media and in Illustrated Talk.  Annabelle Rittenbach and Elizabeth Rittenbach were grand as a junior team in Mass Media, and they each did an Interpretive Reading piece.  Emma Flieth was grand in junior Demonstration and Interpretive Reading.  Chloe Smith was reserve in junior Demonstration and in Interpretive Reading.  Emry Lueck was reserve in junior Illustrated Talk.

Madison Hofmann was grand in senior Speech/Impromptu, Interpretive Reading and Electronic Presentation.  After adding up the scores, Kylee Hofmann was high point junior and Madison Hofmann was the high point senior.   If you would like more information about 4-H and/or how you can support this great organization, please call NDSU Extension Stutsman County at 252-9030 and ask for Robin.