Valley City  (CSi)  The City of Valley City has issued a news release, from City Attorney Carl Martineck.

It states:

“On Friday, October 9, 2020, the North Dakota Insurance Reserve, on behalf of the City of Valley City, reached a mutually agreeable resolution with the family of Warren Lindvold which, if approved, will result in the City and its police officers being dismissed from the lawsuit filed in United States District Court in May 2019, following Mr. Lindvold’s tragic death.

City Attorney Carl Martineck said the City was informed that the settlement amount is $325,000 which also includes dismissal of Barnes County from the lawsuit.  The County is also represented by NDIRF, although through a different law firm. NDIRF was authorized by the City to negotiate and settle on behalf of the City if the terms were appropriate. The officers and city officials were involved in the litigation process from the beginning, and approve of the outcome.  The settlement amount is paid by NDIRF, not the City or the taxpayers of the City.  Civil litigation decisions are often made for economic reasons prior to any determination of the merits of the case.

Martineck said in the 17 months since the lawsuit was filed, the City has strongly defended the professionalism of Sgt. Wade Hannig and Officer Christopher Olson. The Valley City Police Department continues to have the full support of the City. Sgt. Hannig remains employed by the department along with 13 other officers who proudly protect and serve the citizens of Valley City for little reward and often under great pressure. Mr. Olson completed field training with the North Dakota Highway Patrol in August and is stationed in the Northwest Region.”

The city of Valley City and two police officers were named in the lawsuit that was filed in U.S. District Court by the Aaland Law Firm on behalf of the Lindvold family back in May of 2019. The lawsuit centered on the arrest of Lindvold who passed away a few days later in a Fargo hospital after he was arrested and jailed in Barnes County for suspicion of a DUI back in July of 2018.”