Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown City Promotion Capital Construction Fund, and Grant Executive Advisory Board met Thursday, at the Jamestown Civic Center Exchequor Room, also by the Zoom virtual platform.  Board Members were: President, Matthew Woods, Frank Balak, Tena Lawrence, Taylor Barnes, Paulette Ritter, along with Pam Phillips on hand. ExOffcio Member Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Emily Biven, who gave a Chamber update.

Goals and Objectives of Capital Construction Fund were discussed.  Also available on the Jamestown Tourism web site.  The funds are available with applications due on March first and October first each year.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure, Board Member Tena Lawrence was allowed to participate in the discussion, but not allowed to vote, being employed by the University of Jamestown, an agenda item., later in the meeting.

On the agenda was funding requests by:

The Jamestown Arts Center for a  Banner Installation, and,

Jamestown Motorsports, Inc for a Foam Ranger, fire suppressant tool.


With the Arts Center Banner Installation, Arts Center Director, Mindi Schmitz said, the Newman Signs quote was in the amount of $3521.25, to replace the banner on the Two Rivers Performing Arts building with a permanent billboard type frame.  She said the Downtown Arts Market billboard lists all of the sponsors throughout the summer is swapped out in the off-season to promote the Arts Center, Two Rivers Performing Arts and Top of the Stairs Dance Studio.  The request pointed out the sign supports promotion of the arts, downtown, and to make tourists aware of more opportunities in Jamestown, and Downtown Jamestown.

She said Top of the Stairs has committed $250 toward the project, and Two Rivers Performing Art $250 and in-kind use of their building.

The board voted to, fund the request of $3521.25.


The request from Jamestown Motorsports Foam Ranger, for the fire suppressant tool,  was for $3800, for the skid unit, that fits in the back of a pickup box, with a 60 gallon, water tank, and a 15 gallon foam tank with hose reel.  The skid would be used at several racing events, to fight gas and alcohol fires in race cars, presently not available, to the organization.   A 501-C-3 non-profit organization designation has been granted.  Donations are welcome, as it can not charge the public.  The goal of the group is to promote track safety, and economic development.

The board voted to, request of $3800.

The next meeting will be held in March, as the next round of requests is due, March 1, 2021.


At the Grant Board Meeting, requests were made by the University of Jamestown Basketball Shootout, represented by Thad Sankey.

Also, the University of Jamestown NAIA Women’s Wrestling Tournament, by UJ Athletic Director, Sean Johnson.


University of Jamestown Basketball Shootout, represented by Thad Sankey, requested  $5,000.  The Shootout  is a high school basketball event for boys and girls teams, to be held, December 19, 2020 at the University of Jamestown campus.  It has become an elite Class B event because of the location, competition venue and fan experience.  He said COVID-19 stringent safety protocols will be in force.

Last year 64 percent of the spectators traveled over 50 miles to Jamestown.

Another source of funding is $1,000 generated from local advertising.

The economic impact is estimated at $75,000.

Information Item:  Reimbursement of $3910, 30 percent of the  unused portion of last year’s advertising requirement, was previously approved, with a winter storm hampering the event, and the minimum requirements of advertising were not met, thus the $3910 in reimbursement.

The board voted to, make a grant not to exceed $5,000, to support the expense of the officials, athletic trainer, and COVID protocol.


University of Jamestown NAIA Women’s Wrestling Tournament was represented by UJ Athletic Director Sean Johnson, with a request of $10,000 for adverting. The Tournament will be held on the University of Jamestown Campus on March 12, 13, 2021.  32 teams will compete including UJ., representing 17 states   The participants will be accompanied by coaching staffs and fans, some will come two to three days before the tournament, adding to hotel stays in Jamestown.

A promotional video produced last year was shown. A static ad was on CSi Cable.

The marketing plan includes expenditures with various agencies, that will promote not only  the event, but also the Jamestown community.

The economic impact is estimated at $181,800.

The board voted to fund expenses for the officials in an amount not to exceed, $10,000.

The NAIA cancelled the 2020 event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  (In 2019 the event was interrupted by blizzard.)


The Financial Report was given by Taylor Barnes, and was approved by the board.

The Executive Director evaluation survey was noted, to be returned.

Searle reported that of the $148,000 committed, in the fund, before today’s allocations, $57,000 remained in the fund.  In November this year additional funding requests are expected.