Jamestown (CSi)  The Jamestown City Council Committees met in joint session on Thursday at City Hall. All members were present.  Council Member Buchanan joined by phone.

It was noted during the Fire Committee meeting by City Fire Chief, Jim Reuther that,  the new ladder truck is scheduled to arrive in Jamestown the first part of next week, or the following week at the latest.



The committee discussed the City Council accepting the updated Special

Assessment Policy and to publish notice of a public hearing to be held at the

January 4, 2021, City Council meeting. Mayor Heinrich said the policy needs to be reviewed in more detail before coming under further discussion and come back to next month’s committee meeting.


Further discussion was the agreement for paying agent services for

municipal bonds with Starion and authorizing the City Administrator and Mayor to enter into the agreement on behalf of the City.  After reviewing the agreement, and getting input from Starion, and City Attorney, Leo Ryan,  the committee recommends sending the agreement to the City Council without recommendation.



The committee recommends the city endorse a letter of support to the James River Valley Library System, to support their plans to expand the Alfred Dickey and Stutsman County Libraries, and their services.


Recommended for approval was the City of Jamestown to act as the sponsoring unit of government for CDBG funds, for the Main Street Facade Improvement Project during the period September 2020 through August 2021.



Considered was the application for Renaissance Zone incentives for up to five (5) years, one hundred percent (100%) state income tax exemption and one hundred (100%) five (5) year property tax exemption for JoAnn Gatewood, (204 Lindwood Drive) pending approval by the State of North Dakota Department of Community Services.”  The committee recommends approval of the application.



Considered was the 2019 and 2020 Abatement applications for 626 2nd Ave SW, 58401.  City Assessor, Jamison Veil said he agreed with the property owner that the assessed valuation over three years exceeded the market value.  The committee recommends approval the changes.


The committee recommends accepting the request made by Daren Peterka on behalf of the El Zagal Shriners to install a seasonal sign on the City property located at the South Side Fire Station, 521 12th Street SW, and to authorize the City Attorney to draft an agreement, and authorize the City Administrator and Mayor to enter into the agreement on behalf of the City.


Considered approval of utility rate adjustments for 2021.The adjustments include ratifying a previously budgeted waste water rate increase, by 5-percent, and increase the storm water residential monthly rate from $3 to $4.


INFORMATIONAL:  The appointment application received for the Jamestown

Regional Airport Authority will be placed on the December 7, 2020, City Council agenda.




The committee recommends, approving the request for a special use permit for the East 7.7′ of Lot 3, and all of Lots 1 and 2 and one half of the vacated alley, Block 12, Lowry’s Subdivision, within the SE of Section 2, T139N, R64W, Stutsman County, North

Dakota.  The property is located at 2806 8th Ave SW.


INFORMATIONAL:  The public hearing and second reading is scheduled at the

December 7, 2020, City Council meeting.


INFORMATIONAL: Dangerous building notification for 120 1st Street E.  Building Inspector Tom Blackmore said  the boiler is no longer operational, and will not provide heat to five residents on the upper floor. The tenants are being offered housing elsewhere until the boiler issue is resolved and the residents will be allowed to return.




INFORMATIONAL:   Civic Center program, scheduling and COVID-19 protocol updates presented by Civic Center Manager, Pam Fosse.  The state commerce department and the state health department developed the data, for large venues in the state.  The northwest staircase replacement project is nearing completion.


Jamestown Tourism Director, Searle Swedlund said a number of artifacts in the Frontier Village buildings are being removed, in cooperation with the state historical society, for appropriate removal.  He said removal is pending being able to find the ownership of the items during the process.

The committee recommends approving the removal.




Considered changing the trial period for licensed officers in the police

department from six months to one year provided that the appointing authority is still authorized to extend the trial period up to an additional six months.  Chief Scott Edinger suggested the extension, so those attending the police academy  have sufficient trial time.  The committee recommends changing the trial period.  Chief Edinger also said the police department has filled the open positions, through appointments or promotions.


Fire Chief Reuther added that training still postponed, stemming from pandemic safety issues.  He said inspections are scheduled when the least amount of people are present at the inspection site.



INFORMATIONAL:  2021 Watermain Project, was reviewded by Travis Dillman who said the report information is required in a public meeting.  Water quality issues, and watermain projects recently completed were reviewed.



INFORMATIONAL:  State Transportation Improvement Projects List (STIP List)

Dillman provided the last ranking sheet, and this year’s final list is due by the end of this year. Some of the programs are assisted by state funds.

The programs are broken down by regional and local.  He indicate items from last year were flipped.  Attention was called to the base of Mill Hill currently asphalt be converted to concrete.

The urban list includes the top of the list 3rd Street, SE, near the Peavy Elevator.  He pointed out ADA requirements are mandated in project work.

The list includes addressing a future span over the railroad tracks on 7th Avenue. The list will be reviewed at the December City meeting.


INFORMATIONAL:  NDDOT I-94 Exit 257. Dillman said in a meeting with the NDDOT the Department of Transportation Department look at considerations in proposal to the city concerning possible elimination of the exit, and include an over pass along with bring the I-94 westbound and eastbound lanes closer, with a new connector span.  Under the proposal there will not be on or off ramps, which Mayor Heinrich is opposed to..

Heinrich said, the NDDOT and the city will keep working together on plans for that area.



Discussed was the Prairie Dog municipal infrastructure funds that will be received in early 2021 and how the funds may be spent on infrastructure.

Mayor Heinrich said the Bill distributes funds to cities, with $2.5 million earmarked for Jamestown over the next biennium.  No commitment to projects can be made until the funds are in hand.


Discussed was the financing for the City’s 2021 UJ Stormwater Project.

Heinrich pointed out the stadium project at the University of Jamestown, saying storm sewer under the present stadium footprint will need to be replaced, at an estimated cost of $500,000. He said if the stadium project was not done, then the storm sewer line would not be replaced.  The proposed project costs will be special assessed.  He suggests the Prairie Dog Fund dollars go toward the stadium project costs, shared with the UJ and Jamestown Public Schools, with the stadium to be shared by each. The line will be plugged and relocated.  UJ President, Dr. Polly Peterson said the stadium is a community project with $10.5 million in project costs raised, so far.



The committee recommends approving aa Change Order to Scherbenske, Inc., for the 2020 State Hospital Waterline Replacement Project, for a net increase in the contract price of $23,646.


INFORMATIONAL:  City Engineer project updates included Road Diet changes, that will go to the NDDOT in conjunction with Jamestown Police recommendations.  The changes stem from traveling the roadway with the new pavement markings that is not working with traffic flows, including being “caught” in turn lanes.


The committee recommends extending the Water Department service agreement with Aquar-Pure for a period of one year.


Continue further discussion was planned on grinding high volume of wood waste including equipment cost, maintenance and availability of vendors to provide the service on a schedule as requested by committee, on October 22, 2020.

No one was present to speak.






The Jamestown Complete Count Committee 2020 Census Final Report presented by Committee Chair, Pamela Phillips. This Committee was established by Jamestown City Council resolution on March 4, 2019.  She highlighted the report by saying the self report rate for 2020 was 73.5 percent, higher than the overall state’s response, at just over 62 percent.  She added that Valley City’s self response rate was 72 percent.  The final report will be available by the end of this year, or early next year.



The meeting was shown live on CSi Cable 67, followed by replays.