Valley City  (VCPS)  Valley City Public Schools is celebrating School Safety Week on September 13 thru 17. In addition to sharing important safety related information with our students, staff, parents, and community members; each of our schools will be practicing several emergency drills: fire/evacuation, tornado, and lockdown/reunification.

On Wednesday, September 15, Valley City Public Schools will be inviting all first responders to an Open House of our schools with guided tours. We hope this will help familiarize responders with the schools and begin preparing a unified school response for emergency purposes. The detailed information for first responders will be available within the law enforcement, ambulance, dispatch, fire department, and emergency management offices. Thank you for helping us celebrate School Safety at Valley City Public Schools!

In honor of all the men and women that have served our country as first responders and military, we thank you for your service, sacrifice, and courage on behalf of the students and staff at Valley City Public Schools. Thank you!

Josh Johnson


Valley City Public Schools

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