Jamestown  (CSi)  The comprehensive plans for Bison World, the new theme park on state owned land near Jamestown, were presented on Wednesday by Apogee Attractions founder, Robert McTyre, former Walt Disney Attractions, executive.  The Master Plan has been presented to local, and state elected officials.

The presentation was recorded by CSi Cable 10 The Replay Channel.

The final plans are the culmination of a 22 months planning process with Apogee Attractions, one of the nation’s  leading theme park designers.

Apogee Attractions has agreed to serve at the developer of Bison World and operator of the facility upon investment for the legacy fund

The Bison World Fund, a 501(c)(3) corporation was formed to structure and investment and management agreement, utilizing a new North Dakota law, as the unique project directs nearly all of the financial returns back to the state for enhancing its land adjacent to I-94. The Bison World Fund  will be used to structure an investment from the state’s $8.3 billion legacy fund.

The five year projected returns show an average annual return to the state of between $6.8 and $7.8 million or 11 percent, exceeding the current average performance of the legacy fund.

Bison World Fund President Alex Schweitzer said needed now is the State investment Board to quickly develop a process to review this opportunity under the new in-state investing law.   The plans are ready to be executed immediately  upon securing funding.

Bidding key elements of the park, is then followed by a spring of 2022 ground breaking.

At the presentation, Bob McTyre with a power point, outlined the many features of Bison World, and listed the objectives of the “Cultural Attraction.”  He explained that Bison World is partnering with other attractions as a “Gateway for other North  Dakota tourist destinations.”  He pointed out the economic value of Bison World such as hotels and local businesses.  He added that the proximity of I-94 is “Like Gold,” to bring visitors, and many will plan extended stays in Jamestown.

He presented  photos of concept drawings of what Bison World will look like in detail with the numerous features.

Those included:

A Gift Shop

Tourism Center

A Bison Fountain to great visitors just inside the entrance

Zip Lines, to the Safari Center, that will provide a safari with vehicles

An Areal Skyway feature

An amphitheater with ample festival seating, for stage shows and concerts

A Children’s Zone with interactive Bison displays

A Bison themed carousel

The Bison Mall

The Tatanka Lodge Motel

The North American Bison Center, with the Discovery Theater to tell the story of the American Bison.

McTyre said that Native American paintings depicted the importance of the American Bison, being sacred to their culture will be on display.  He added that a Native American person will be sought to tell the story.

Also during the presentation, Developer, Brian Lunde said the elements have to come together for a successful Cultural Attraction, including a pre-existing Bison Herd, the National Buffalo Museum and “Dakota Thunder,” statue which will be further rehabbed, and lighted for night viewing.  He also pointed out the proximity to I-94 and free state owned land.  He added that if approved, the Legacy Fund dollars are generated by oil and gas extraction taxes, and no local tax dollars will be needed.

He said Bison World will bring tourism “To another Level.”

JSDC CEO Connie Ova, also a Bison Fund, Board Member, said all the ground work has been completed, required to make this project a great investment for the people of North Dakota, adding that the plans are done, the financial analysis is completed, the operator is in place and the investment Structure has been formed. She pointed out that the JSDC Board of Directors, earlier this year authorized up to $600,00 to complete the planning process for this state investment.  She said North Dakota Tourism has contributed $400,000 in funding.

The presentation was recorded by CSi Cable 10 The Replay Channel, with showing dates and times to be announced.