MADDOCK, N.D. (AP) — A woman who brought a wild raccoon into a North Dakota bar, prompting state health officials to issue a warning about potential rabies exposure, is facing criminal charges. Thirty-eight-year-old Erin Christensen is charged with three misdemeanors, including unlawful possession of furbearers. Christensen said her family found the raccoon on the side of a road about three months ago and named it Rocky. Christensen took animal to Maddock Bar on Sept. 6 during happy hour and showed the raccoon to customers. That prompted the North Dakota’s Health and Human Services Department to issue a warning asking anyone who may have been bitten or had contact with the raccoon’s saliva to seek medical care. Authorities euthanized the animal, which tested negative for rabies.


North Dakota Health and Human Services reports that the raccoon, which was killed after his visit to a Maddock Bar, did not have rabies.


Maddock, N.D. — A 38-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday, September. 14, 2022, after reportedly bringing a raccoon into a Maddock bar and prompting ND officials to issue a warning about possible rabies infections.

The Benson County Sheriff’s Office says, Erin Christensen of Maddock was taken into custody on suspicion of providing false information to law enforcement, tampering with evidence and North Dakota Game & Fish violations.

The Game & Fish Department helped with the investigation and execution of several search warrants in the Maddock area.

The raccoon was put down and taken.


MADDOCK, N.D. (AP) — A woman walked into a North Dakota bar carrying a raccoon, leading health officials to warn those who had contact with the animal about possible rabies exposure. Bartender Cindy Smith said she was serving drinks at the Maddock Bar last week when a local resident brought in the animal during happy hour. Maddock is a city in Benson County, North Dakota. There were about 10 people in the saloon at the time. Smith says she immediately asked the woman to leave but instead she took the raccoon around the bar to show another customer. The woman eventually departed with the animal after about five minutes. Health officials are asking anyone who may have been bitten or had contact with the raccoon’s saliva to seek medical care. Rabies has a nearly 100% fatality rate.