Jamestown (CSi) In a recent study conducted on the city inert landfill Sanitation Foreman Shawn O’Neill, says it was found there’s not a lot of space left in the future.

Interstate Engineering’s Daryl Hornbuckle with Interstate Engineering told the committee that they have talked with the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality on the next steps the city could take.

He added the city will “highly likely” need to explore construction to add to the inert landfill in 2023.

Hornbuckle said it would not qualify for SRF funding.

No action was taken by the committee

The Jamestown Public Works Committee recommends approving replacement of two lime press machines at the water treatment plant at over $1.6 million.

Two filter presses are used in the water-softening treatment process that have seen major breakdowns earlier this year. The filter presses remove water from theater from the lime sludge used to soften the drinking water.