Jamestown, (CSi) JAYBAL. registration is open now with a savings of 20% on registration before February 15. President of the JAYBAL board Matt Perkins says youth baseball this summer will be separated into different groups with the older teams traveling across the state. Legion baseball is also part of this for ages 15-19.

For the kids eight and under, JAYBAL has its own league for t-ball as well as Rookie League. The Rookie League now uses a pitching machine, a change that JAYBAL implemented last year. All these teams will play locally against each other and will be represented by Jamestown businesses. .

Another project that JAYBAL and the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department is enovations to McElroy Park, with Jamestown Parks and Recreation , helping to secure a grant to start the process of revamping McElroy Park.

Part of the project will include the naming of a field after a Jamestown baseball legend,