Jamestown, ND (JPS) News release from DR. Robert Lech, Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent.

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“After a basketball game between Jamestown High School and Bismarck High School on January 31, administration at Jamestown Public Schools was made aware of potential discriminatory remarks made by the Jamestown High School student cheering section.

This prompted an immediate investigation that begin on February 1st and continued through February 2nd, which found that disparaging and/or racially insensitive remarks/actions were made by a handful of Jamestown Middle School and Jamestown High School students.

These actions are not supported by Jamestown Public Schools or the Community of Jamestown and have resulted in appropriate disciplinary action per our Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy (AAC). Accepting accountability while creating a path to grow from this is who we are, and want to be, as Jamestown Blue Jays. Beyond the more immediate consequences for misconduct, Jamestown Public Schools is responsible for facilitating healing with Bismarck High School, players, coaches, fans and community. We are partnering with Bismarck Public Schools to consider restorative practices that will help all grow from this very unfortunate experience.

Lastly, JHS student leaders have begun to mobilize to work alongside building administrators to consider how we, as a school family, can best grow and learn from these experiences with the goal of improving our cultural competence. We are thankful for the messages received that shared perspective on the situation. We now have this opportunity to make our community and our school better and we are determined to take it. “