Jamestown ND – On March 17, 2023, the Jamestown Police Department conducted a sex offender registration on Brian Sternberg, who is classified as a high-risk sex offender. These registrations are required under ND law and failure of offenders to comply with these registration requirements is a crime.

In this incident, the offender recently became a resident within the city of Jamestown on March 6, 2023. Since March 6, 2023, this offender has changed his residence and became homeless, requiring him to register 4 times. During those 4 registrations with the police department, he stated he was homeless and not staying in any specific place.

The information the offender provided to law enforcement was suspicious and did not seem logical. An investigation was conducted to ensure the offender was fulfilling his requirements for registration. Results from that investigation allege that the offender has been living at a residence since March 10 and has been concealing his address from officers, which are violations of ND law.

54-year-old Brian Keith Sternberg was arrested on suspicion of failure to register as a sex offender and providing false information to a law enforcement officer. He was taken to Stutsman County Corrections, to await formal charges.