Jamestown, N.D. (Chamber) – The Customer Service Award for February to Austin Hagerott of Advantage Electric presented by members of the Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee and the Young Professionals of Jamestown for their outstanding customer service.

The chamber honors individuals who demonstrate a consistent commitment to delivering products or services that satisfy customers by exceeding their requirements or expectations.

Their nomination letter said:

“My neighbor and I had a main power feed underground break. My neighbor had made a few calls to electricians in Jamestown with no response. The weather forecast was predicting colder temperatures with snow, making us eager to get power fixed and have heat in the shop. I went to the Advantage Electric office and talked to their receptionist who said their team was busy but would relay it to their guys. Austin was there later that day and was told he could just disconnect the bad wire and could fix it on a nicer day! Austin said let’s find the break and fix it and then you won’t need me to come back again! He found the break and had helpers dig wires out to be fixed. At this point, heavy wet snow made the work difficult. Austin could have easily waited, but he stayed late and wanted to ensure I had heat in the shop. He finished the job and went home very cold and with soaked clothes.”

Congratulations Austin! The Chamber of Commerce commends you on going above and beyond for your customers.

Customer Service Award nomination forms are available at the Chamber office and on their website at www.jamestownchamber.com or call 701-252-4830.