UJ – The Raiders started up the game getting up 12-0 of the Jimmies. The Jimmies responded with six straight points to cut the Raiders lead in half. 

Despite Jimmie effort, the Raiders extended their lead again to double figures (20-10) with 2:58 to go in the first quarter. 

In the remaining minutes the Jimmies held the Raiders to seven points while they put up 11 with threes from Reagan JohnsonKia Tower, and Samantha Paulsen and field goal from Audrey Rodakowski. The first ended with the Jimmies down 21-27. 

Kate Cordes hit a three to open up the second quarter followed by another from Jailyn Martinson, leaving the Jimmies trailing only two (27-29). The Raiders responded with a 5-0 run. 

Tower (6) and Rodakowski (2) put up eight points together to finally lead the Raiders 35-34 with 1:50 left in the second quarter. 

And ones from Cordes and Tower ended Jimmie scoring in the first half leaving the Jimmies and Raiders tied 41-41. 

The teams played a close game in the third quarter but ended in the Raiders favor (57-55). The Jimmies scored 14 and the Raiders scored 16.  

With 4:09 left in the game, the Raiders were ahead 69-63, and the Jimmies took a timeout.

Out of the timeout, Cordes (6) and Rodakowski (4) put up points, and the Jimmie defense only allowed the Raiders two points. The Jimmies won by one, 72-71


  • Rodakowki led with 25 points and grabbed six rebounds. 
  • Cordes (22) and Tower (14) followed in double digits. 
  • Kate Busek and Cordes each grabbed five rebounds. 
  • The Jimmies made a total of 11 threes and had 11 turnovers compared to the Raiders 16. 


  • Hali Anderson led with 19 points. 
  • Molly Schany had ten rebounds and added 16 points for a double double. 


  • The women host Midland (Neb.) on February 10th at 2:00 p.m.