Valley City/KLJ – Beginning Monday, April 15, 3rd St NW will be closed from 2nd Ave NW to Central Ave N and 4th St NW/NE will be closed to through traffic from 2nd Ave NW to 2nd Ave NE, excluding the Central Ave N intersection. The closure will remain in effect until the Phase 1 portion of the corridor is reconstructed, which is anticipated to be early July 2024.

The Phase 2 closure, including 2nd Ave NW from 2nd St NW to 4th St NW, will begin upon the completion of Phase 1 and is anticipated to be completed at the end of September 2024. Additional information regarding the Phase 2 work will be sent out at a later date.

Phase 1 is defined as the work along 3rd St NW and 4th St NW/NE. Phase 2 is defined as the work along 2nd Ave NW. The west alley between 3rd St NW and 4th St NW will be closed to through traffic, but alley access for businesses will be maintained from 2nd Ave NW during the closures. The east alley between 3rd St NE and 4th St NE will also have through traffic impacted during construction. Businesses will have access from 2nd Ave NE during the 4th St NE closure.

No detour route for motorized vehicles will be provided, temporary pedestrian access routes will be provided along the project route for the duration of the project, excluding the portion of work taking place on 4th St. NE.

Updated maps for all road closures will be posted on the City of Valley City’s webpage when they are taking affect. If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Chad Petersen, KLJ Project Manager, at (701)-845-4980.