UPDATE: During the April 19 enforcement event which took place in Cass and Richland Counties, NDHP Troopers made 90 enforcement contacts consisting of 83 traffic stops and 7 motorist assists or calls for service. Fifty-one citations and 53 warnings were issued; of these totals, 8 citations and 6 warnings were for Move Over violations. No arrests or vehicle searches were completed

On Friday April 19th, 2024, North Dakota State Troopers are going to be working a move over law enforcement saturation in the Cass County area to enforce the ND move over law. The purpose of this saturation is to educate the public about the importance of moving over for law enforcement that are working on the interstate and highway systems.

During the last 10 years approximately one law enforcement officer per week loses their life while working roadways nationwide. Motor vehicle related incidents such as being struck by vehicles while at traffic stops, investigating crashes, and removing dangerous debris from roadways remain a leading contributing factor to law enforcement related deaths.

The North Dakota, move over law, requires motorists that observe an authorized emergency vehicle with emergency lights activated on the interstate, or on a multi lane highway outside of city limits to change lanes if safely possible. If it is not safe to change lanes, motorists are required to reduce speed exercising due caution. The interstate systems within metro areas are included in the move over law.
DOT maintenance vehicles, and other stationary motor vehicles displaying hazard lights are included within the move over law. Violation of the mover over law consists of a $50 citation and two points assessed to your driver’s license. If a crash is caused due to failing to yield or changing lanes when approaching an emergency vehicle, the penalty is enhanced to an infraction.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is dedicated to traffic safety and making roadways safe for all motorists. Please be aware of your surroundings while driving. Practice defensive safe driving. When you observe law enforcement, maintenance vehicles, or other motorists with hazard lights activated, follow the move over law so everyone gets home safe.