NDHP – On July 3rd at approximately 1:30 pm, the NDHP responded to a vehicle fire westbound on I94 between the I-94 Red River Bridge and the University Drive exit.
The vehicle, a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup, operated by Stewart, had been westbound on I94 when Stewart observed smoke coming from the vehicle. Stewart pulled to the outside
shoulder and observed the vehicle was on fire. Stewart and Randash exited the vehicle and
were unharmed.
Fargo FD responded and extinguished the vehicle fire. During the vehicle fire traffic backed
up into Minnesota and a minor property damage crash occurred in MN, westbound on I-94.
The MN State Patrol investigated this minor property damage crash.
The Dodge Ram 3500 was a total loss. It is unknown was started the fire at this time.