Jamestown (CSi) The Jamestown Rural Fire Department spent about six hours at the scene of a truck fire Wednesday night into early Thursday morning.

Rural Fire Chief Ben Maulding, says nine rural firefighters and three units responded to the call of a semi on fire on the U.S. Highway 281 bypass west of Jamestown about 7:30 p.m. The van trailer of the rig was hauling dry pasta.

The fire started in the tractor of the semi and had spread to the trailer and load by the time units arrived.

Firefighters put out the exterior fire in less than an hour during which time traffic on the bypass was blocked.

They had to unload pallets of pasta to get at the fire inside the trailer, taking several hours.

The cause of the fire is listed as electrical or mechanical in the tractor of the rig.

The semi tractor, trailer and contents were all total losses.  No injures reported.